The East Asian Medical Students’ Conference, is an annual conference hosted by various cities around East Asia. At it’s inception, it aimed inspire delegates to become active in the amelioration of global healthcare problems through networking with other medical students from the East Asian region. More recently, it has expanded to involve delegates from all AMSA-International chapters allowing the exchange of ideas, knowledge and cultural understanding.

The EAMSC continues to inspire medical students to analyse global health issues more closely and to utilise the role of medical students in the promotion of public health. It challenges students to think beyond what is learnt at university through various academic and cultural activities which explore a nominated conference theme.

What is EAMSC?

Year Host Theme
1st 1988 South Korea The Present Status and Future Medical Service in Asia
2nd 1989 South Korea Hepatitis B: A Growing Epidemic in Korea and Taiwan
3rd 1990 New Hope for Life: Organ Transplantation
4th 1991 Prevention of Tuberculosis
5th 1992 Prevention of Occupational Disease: On Its Revie of Present Status and Prospective
6th 1993 Geriatric Disorders: The Medicine of 21st Century
7th 1994 The Liver Disease
8th 1995 Alcohol and Drug Abuse
9th 1996 South Korea Rehabilitation
10th 1997 The Evolution of Modern Medicine
11th 1998 South Korea
12th 1999 Taiwan Geriatric Medicine
13th 2000 Taiwan Reforming Healthcare with Information Technology
14th 2001 Japan Death
15th 2002 Hong Kong
16th 2003 Philippines Medicine and Ethics: Enhancing Global Commitment Towards Enlightened Patient Care
17th 2004 Taiwan Medical Education
18th 2005 Japan The Nature of Health: Medical Profession and Social Expectations
19th 2006 Indonesia Emergency: Medical Students’ Role on Disaster Management
20th 2007 Taiwan The Prevention and Control of Newly-Arisen Epidemics
21th 2008 Thailand Alcohol
22th 2009 Malaysia Engaging Asia-Pacific Youth in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
23th 2010 Malaysia Men’s Health: Defining the Past, Refining the Future
24th 2011 Thailand Adolescent Health: Embrace the Future, Better the World
25th 2012 Singapore Infectious Diseases: Battling the Enemy on All Fronts
26th 2013 Japan Disaster Medicine: Transition from Emergency Care to Routine/Long-Term Medical Care in the Context of Overall Health Recovery and Development
27th 2014 South Korea Chronic Disease
28th 2015 Indonesia Sexually Transmitted Infections:Halt The Disease, Help The People
29th 2016 Taiwan Medical care in the future
30 2017 Australia Climate Change in Medicine
31 2018 Nepal Maternal and Neonatal Health
32 2019 Thailand Diabetes and Obesity: The unrecognized burden
33 2020 India Emergency Medicine
34 2021 Philippines TBA