Were you a member of AMSA, the oldest medical students organisation in the region and have you ever attended an AMSC or EAMSC? Do you ever wonder what happened to your AMSA friends? The friends with whom you shared the passion for “better medicine for a better future”. Now, through AMSAAC, you can reunite with your old AMSA friends and rekindle the AMSA spirit. Once an AMSA member, always an AMSA member!

The main objective of AMSAAC is to connect and network AMSA alumni. We also hope that we will be able to support and aid the development of AMSA.

A few alumni and AMSA International Executive Committee Members began working on the idea of an alumni association around the time of the 33rd AMSC 2012 in the Philippines. Meetings were held during the 26th EAMSC 2012 in Japan and a Working Group was established. Discussions were continued online and the Asian Medical Students’ Association Alumni Club, or AMSAAC, pronounced “am-sack” was officially launched during the 34th AMSC 2013 in Malaysia.

Currently, the following alumni are working hard to decide how best to run and manage the organisation. We were are also preparing for AMSAAC events during the AMSCs and EAMSCs.